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Keeping Up Appearances!

Updated: May 19, 2023

UPDATE, JULY 4, 2019: Scaffolding is up, ready to start next week!

Those that drive past will have noticed today that the scaffolding has gone up, ready for work to start next week. We're open as usual so please stop by :)


UPDATE, JUNE 19, 2019: We have approved the final plans for renovating the outside, including a new colour to go with our new, fresh image!

The work will be starting on July 8, with scaffolding going up the week before... We don't know about you but we can't wait to get the flowers back out! :)

What changes are planned?

1. Fully repainting the outside of the pub a new colour (including our garage and bunker so that everything matches).

2. Clearing up the car park and re-lining the spaces. All cars must be out by July 8, 2019 at the very latest!

3. We'll have the high fence between our garden and the car park taken out, with a new, low, white picket fence going in instead.

4. Our smoking shelter will get a facelift to freshen it up.

5. Our current signage will be replaced with our new branding.

6. When it's finished, we'll be getting new flowers placed to bring the pub back to it's normal, beautiful self.


We're very excited to confirm that the renovation work starts from today at The Anchor, starting with a face lift for our conservatory.

You may have also noticed that the flowers have been removed from the front of the pub, it's in preparation for exterior painting starting in May/June (final date to be confirmed).

We sincerely apologise for the noise but assure you that the team will be minimising noise wherever possible as well as keeping work hours finishing early (so no late nights!).

We will still be open for business as usual throughout, don't worry, the improvements won't affect our services to you all.

If you've got any questions about the changes, please stop in or message me through Facebook messenger on our Facebook page.





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