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New Rules from September 24th, 2020.

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Following on from the Prime Ministers announcement yesterday, we are working to ensure that The Anchor remains a fun and safe place to spend time with your loved ones.

The new rules will require us to change the way that we serve you. We have pulled an overview of existing and new rules that we must follow to continue to stay open.

We are collecting questions from our guests to make sure that we answer them clearly and consistently, if you do have any questions about how the announcement will affect your time with us, please message us through one of the below ways:

  1. WhatsApp us here.

  2. Email us here.

  3. Ask to speak to Billy at the bar.

Please click the image below to download a copy of the updates rules.


  1. Am I still able to bring my dog into The Anchor? Yes, there are no changes to bringing dogs in, we ask that they are kept under control at all times, but they are very welcome still.



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