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The Boys are Back in Town...

The ale drinkers among you may have noticed back in April; we had our bar reconfigured to make sure it worked to the new and changing product range.

Part of that change meant we removed our ale pulls; we've been working on getting the range updated and to introduce a selection of bottled ales instead. The reason for the change comes down to the quality of the products we serve, once 'tapped', a keg of beer can only be enjoyed at its best for seven days, after that, the quality starts to degrade. Bottled ale means we can guarantee a great, quality drink every time.

The first of our bottled ales are now in and ready to enjoy!

Old Speckled Hen

A delicious, rich, malty ale bursting with toffee and a fruity aroma, Old Speckled Hen was first brewed in 1979 in the MG car factory in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

The 5% ale is best enjoyed with heavy meals (like our Sunday Roast!) and has a mid-range bitter/sweet mix.

At only £4.50 for a 500ml bottle, you're sure to enjoy a leisurely, Sunday afternoon in the sun with a few.

Greene King IPA

Greene Kings IPA is their flagship beer, brewed in their hometown, Bury St.Edmunds.

As a pale ale, it has a clean, fresh taste based in golden hops with a moderately herbal character.

With a caramel finish, it's delicious and light enough to enjoy during the day. Best paired with spicy foods, maybe something to enjoy at one of our curry nights?

At £4.50 for a 500ml bottle, it's just as 'pale' on your pocket as it will be on your palate!

Abbot Ale

An old favourite here at The Anchor, Abbot Ale is a full, distinctive beer that screams of traditional, UK beer brewing.

It's deep, rich mahogany colouring, paired with its fruity smell and malty taste will flood your taste buds with complex flavours.

Best enjoyed with a Sunday Roast or (if you can believe it), cheese, it'll bring out the best notes in the beer.

At only £4.50 for a 500ml bottle, Abbots will deliver excellent tasting satisfaction in every glass.



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