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Corona Extra logo: a blue and gold crown with Corona in cursive underneath, on a white background.

Corona Extra


Bottled Beer

Tasting Notes

Refreshing, crisp, light-bodied, with a hint of citrus and a smooth finish.

Food Pairing

Mexican cuisine, spicy dishes, seafood, grilled meats

Corona Extra is a popular Mexican beer that has gained popularity around the world. Its light and refreshing taste has made it a favourite amongst beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike. The history of Corona Extra dates back to the early 1920s when it was first brewed by a group of Mexican entrepreneurs. Since then, it has become one of the most recognized and iconic beer brands globally.

The story of how Corona Extra came to be is a fascinating one. It all began in 1925 when a small brewery in Mexico City called Cervecería Modelo was founded by a group of beer enthusiasts. The brewery was dedicated to producing high-quality beers using traditional brewing methods. One of the founders, Don Antonino Fernandez, had a vision to create a new beer that would capture the essence of the Mexican lifestyle and culture. This vision led to the creation of Corona Extra - a beer that would go on to become a global phenomenon.

The name Corona is derived from the Spanish word for crown. This name perfectly encapsulates the brand's royal status in the world of beer. The Extra in the name refers to the beer's premium quality and taste. Corona Extra quickly became a popular choice among locals in Mexico and soon gained a reputation for being a quintessentially Mexican beer.

The production process of Corona Extra is a carefully orchestrated and time-honoured tradition. The beer is brewed using only the finest ingredients, including water, malted barley, hops, and yeast. The brewing process begins with the selection of high-quality malts and hops that give the beer its distinctive flavour and aroma. The water used in the brewing process is sourced from the nearby Cerro El Gavilan mountain, known for its purity and mineral content.

One of the key factors that sets Corona Extra apart from other beers is its unique fermentation process. The beer undergoes a slow and cold fermentation process, which allows the flavours to develop and mature over time. This meticulous approach to brewing is what gives Corona Extra its crisp and refreshing taste that drinkers know and love.

Corona Extra is also known for its distinctive packaging. The beer is traditionally sold in clear glass bottles, which allow drinkers to see the golden hue of the beer inside. The iconic imagery of the label, featuring a crown and the words La Cerveza Más Fina (the finest beer), has become instantly recognizable around the world. The packaging of Corona Extra is a testament to the brand's commitment to quality and tradition.

In recent years, Corona Extra has expanded its reach and availability, making it a staple in bars, restaurants, and homes across the globe. It has become a go-to choice for those seeking a light and easy-drinking beer. Its widespread popularity has cemented Corona Extra's status as a global beer brand. The name Corona Extra has become synonymous with relaxation, enjoyment, and the laid-back Mexican lifestyle.

Corona Extra has also made a name for itself as a supporter of environmental initiatives. The brand has been involved in various sustainability projects aimed at preserving the natural resources that are essential to brewing beer. One such initiative is the Save Water campaign, which encourages consumers to reduce water waste and conserve this precious resource. This commitment to sustainability aligns with the brand's Mexican heritage, as it strives to protect the environment for future generations.

Overall, Corona Extra has a rich and fascinating history that has contributed to its success as a global beer brand. The name Corona Extra has become synonymous with quality, tradition, and a taste of Mexico. Its production process, commitment to sustainability, and iconic packaging all play a role in shaping the brand's image and appeal. Whether enjoyed on a sunny beach or at a lively gathering, Corona Extra continues to be a beloved choice for beer enthusiasts worldwide. With its refreshing taste and long-standing reputation, it's no wonder that Corona Extra remains a top choice for those seeking a taste of Mexican beer culture.

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