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Discover the Finest Drinks at The Anchor – A Celebrated Pub Near Heathrow

Introduction to Our Exquisite Drinks Selection

Welcome to The Anchor, where our drinks selection is as diverse and delightful as our guests. Renowned as one of the "pubs with the best drinks near Heathrow", we pride ourselves on offering a beverage for every palate. Whether you're popping in after a long flight or seeking a local haunt in Stanwell or Staines, our extensive range of beers, wines, spirits, and cocktails ensures your visit will be both memorable and enjoyable.

A Journey Through Bottled Classics

Bottled Beers and Ciders with a Story

Take a leisurely stroll through our bottled classics. From the robust British flavours of Abbot Ale and Greene King IPA to the crisp, refreshing notes of Peroni and Corona Extra, each bottle tells its own story. Cider aficionados will delight in our Old Mout selection, where each sip transports you to New Zealand's sun-kissed orchards. It's this commitment to variety that places us among the top "pubs in Stanwell" for drink enthusiasts.

Celebrating Cocktail Creations

Our cocktail selection is a testament to our creativity and passion for mixology. Savour the vibrant Aperol Spritz, indulge in the rich flavours of an Espresso Martini, or unwind with the playful Sex on the Beach. Each cocktail at The Anchor is more than a drink – it's a crafted experience, a story in a glass, making us a go-to destination for those seeking "pubs in Staines" with a flair for the extraordinary.

Discover Our Draughts

A Line-Up of Exceptional Draught Beers


Step over to our draughts section, and you'll be greeted by a selection that celebrates both tradition and taste. From the smooth and distinctive Birra Moretti to the rich and creamy Guinness, each draught beer is a testament to the art of brewing. As one of the "pubs in Staines" renowned for its draught selection, we ensure that every pint poured is a journey of flavour and craftsmanship.

Spirits from Around the World

A Global Spirits Adventure

Our spirits collection is your ticket to a world tour of flavours. Embrace the elegance of Courvoisier Brandy, the crisp botanicals of Tanqueray Gin, the sweet spice of Captain Morgan Gold Spiced Rum, or the luxurious smoothness of Grey Goose Vodka. With a whiskey range spanning from the harmonious Bells to the sophisticated Glenfiddich, we solidify our reputation as one of the "pubs with the best drinks near Heathrow".

Wine Selection: A World of Flavours

Curated Wines for Every Palate

Our wine selection is carefully curated to cater to every taste, from the bold and vibrant Counterpoint Shiraz to the refreshing Ara Marl Sauvignon Rose, to the light and fruity El Pico Sauvignon Blanc. Whether you're a connoisseur or simply enjoy a casual glass, our wine range offers something special for everyone.

Your Destination for Unforgettable Drinks

At The Anchor, we believe that a great drink is part of an unforgettable experience. Each beverage in our collection tells a story, evokes a memory, and creates an atmosphere. So, whether you're raising a toast to a special occasion or unwinding after a long day, we invite you to join us. As one of the "pubs with the best drinks near Heathrow", we're here to pour you a glass of your favourite and share in the toast to good times.

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On Draught

Enjoy chilled, fresh draught beers at The Anchor, the perfect companion to your meal.

Monkey Shoulder logo


Indulge in our smooth, warming whiskey collection at The Anchor. Perfect end to your day.

Photo of christmas cocktails


Enjoy crafted cocktails at The Anchor, a blend of tradition and innovation.

Old Mout Cider Bottle


Savour crisp lagers and tangy ciders at The Anchor, ideal for sunny garden days.

Bombay Sapphire logo


Relish our diverse gin selection at The Anchor, perfect in our cosy pub or sunny garden.

Southern Comfort logo


Indulge in fine liqueurs at The Anchor, a delightful finish to your meal.

Three pebbles bay zinfandel wine


Explore our curated wines at The Anchor, perfect for meals or a relaxing drink.

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Savour the rich flavours of our rum selection at The Anchor, for a cosy evening.

Jose Cuervo logo


Explore our extensive range of spirits, featuring everything from classic whiskies to artisanal gins.

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