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Our Selection of Premium Bottled Drinks

At The Anchor, we take pride in offering an extensive range of bottled products that cater to every taste and preference. Whether you're a fan of ales, beers, or ciders, we've got you covered with our selection of premium bottled beverages.


Our bottled range includes classic ales like Abbot Ale, Abbot Reserve, Greene King IPA, Newcastle Brown Ale, and Old Speckled Hen, as well as popular beer brands such as Budweiser, Corona Extra, Desperados, Peroni, and Peroni 0%. For those who prefer ciders, we offer Magners and Old Mout, with delicious flavours like Berries & Cherries, Kiwi & Lime, Strawberry & Apple, and Watermelon & Lime.


As a leading provider of quality bottled products, we are committed to ensuring our customers have access to a diverse selection of top-quality drinks. Whether you're stocking up for a special occasion or simply looking to enjoy a refreshing drink in the comfort of your own home, The Anchor is your go-to destination for all your bottled beverage needs.

Greene King IPA

Greene King IPA is a classic English beer, well-balanced and refreshing. Brewed with pale and crystal malted barley and a blend of hops, it boasts a subtle bitterness and clean finish. Enjoy it with friends or a relaxing evening at home, for a satisfying choice.

Logo of Greene King IPA, featuring a golden crown over bold black lettering. The brand name and iconic emblem create a striking visual identity.


Budweiser is an iconic American beer, known for its light and refreshing lager. Brewed with barley malt and rice, it has a subtle sweetness and smooth finish. Perfect for any occasion, from watching the game to enjoying a barbecue, it's a reliable and satisfying choice.

Image of Budweiser logo, featuring the iconic red bow tie. Recognizable brand name in bold lettering. Represents classic American beer.


Peroni, a classic Italian lager, is a light, refreshing beer, perfect for any occasion. Brewed with barley malt and hops, this crisp, clean beer has a subtle sweetness and smooth finish. With a light body and refreshing taste, it's the perfect choice for those who want a classic, reliable beer.

Peroni logo, a stylish red emblem with the brand name in white letters.

Corona Extra

Corona Extra, a beloved Mexican beer, is a light and refreshing lager perfect for sunny days and beach holidays. Brewed with barley malt and corn, this crisp beer has a subtle sweetness and smooth finish. Enjoy with a lime wedge for a tropical and refreshing experience.

Corona Extra logo: a blue and gold crown with Corona in cursive underneath, on a white background.

Old Speckled Hen

Old Speckled Hen, a beloved English ale, is a smooth and characterful beer. Brewed with pale and crystal malted barley, it has a nutty and fruity flavour with a hint of caramel. With a medium body and smooth finish, it's the perfect choice for those who want a classic, reliable beer.

Old Speckled Hen - Logo of a speckled hen on a beer bottle. A classic English ale with a smooth, rich flavour.


Desperados is a unique, innovative beer blending lager and tequila for a bold, intense flavour. Golden with a light, crisp body, it offers subtle sweetness, hint of citrus, and a spicy, herbal finish. Perfect for those wanting something new and exciting. Try it today!

Desperados logo, a bold and colourful design with a cowboy hat and bold text. For wine, a sleek, dark bottle with a minimalist label.

Peroni 0%

Indulge in the refreshing taste of Peroni without the alcohol with Peroni 0%. Brewed using the same blend of barley malt and hops as the original, this light, crisp beer has a subtle sweetness and a smooth finish. Perfect for those who want to enjoy a non-alcoholic beer without compromising on taste.

Peroni logo featuring iconic red and blue branding on a white background.


Indulge in the crisp, refreshing taste of Magners, a classic Irish cider perfect for any occasion. Made with the finest apples, it boasts a light, fruity flavour with a hint of sweetness and a clean finish. With its refreshing taste, Magners is the ideal choice for those seeking a reliable cider.

Logo of Magners, a refreshing cider brand. The logo features a green apple with the brand name in bold font. Crisp and enticing.

Newcastle Brown Ale

Newcastle Brown Ale is a rich and robust classic English ale, brewed with malted barley, hops, and a special yeast strain. It boasts caramel, chocolate, and nutty flavours, making it perfect for those who enjoy a bold and hearty beer with a smooth finish.

Newcastle Brown Ale logo - a blue star with white text, surrounded by a gold border, representing the classic and beloved beer brand.

Abbot Ale

Indulge in the timeless flavour of Abbot Ale, a top-notch English brew with plenty of depth. Crafted using pale and crystal malted barley, roasted malts, and a mix of hops, this amber ale boasts a rich, malty taste. Enjoy its balanced, smooth profile with hints of caramel, toffee, and fruit. Perfect for lovers of full-bodied, gratifying ales.

Abbot Ale logo featuring a red and gold shield with a crown on top and curved text below. The brand's signature beer bottle with a classic label.

Abbot Reserve

Indulge in the exquisite Abbot Reserve, a robust ale perfect for those seeking intense flavour. Crafted with a blend of pale and crystal malted barley, roasted malts, and various hops, this dark and complex ale boasts depth and character. With hints of dried fruit, chocolate, and coffee, it's a must-try for ale enthusiasts.

Abbot Reserve logo, featuring a burgundy-coloured label with gold lettering. The logo is simple yet elegant, representing the high quality of the wine inside.

Old Mout - Kiwi and Lime

Indulge in the exotic and refreshing flavour of Old Mout Kiwi & Lime cider. Crafted with the finest kiwis and juicy limes, this tangy and crisp cider is perfect for warm summer days. With its unique and flavoursome taste, it's the ideal choice for those seeking a delicious and refreshing cider.

A bottle of Old Mout - Kiwi & Lime cider, showing the brand's logo prominently.

Old Mout - Berries and Cherries

Indulge in the fruity, delicious taste of Old Mout Berries & Cherries cider. Made with sweet cherries and juicy berries, this cider bursts with rich and sweet flavour. With a smooth, refreshing finish, it's the perfect choice for those who want to experience a fruity and refreshing cider.

Old Mout logo featuring the words 'Berries & Cherries' in bold lettering with a variety of colourful berries. Wine bottle with 'Old Mout - Berries & Cherries' label.

Old Mout - Strawberry and Apple

Sample array: Indulge in the delightful Old Mout Strawberry & Apple cider, bursting with the taste of fresh strawberries and crisp apples. With a subtly sweet and refreshing finish, it's the ideal choice for any occasion. Enjoy the perfect blend of sweetness and fruitiness in every sip. Treat your taste buds today.

Old Mout logo, featuring a vibrant, colourful design showcasing the Strawberry & Apple flavour. The logo is eye-catching and playful, with a focus on fruit imagery.

Old Mout - Watermelon and Lime

Indulge in Old Mout Watermelon & Lime cider for a taste of juicy, refreshing sweetness. Crafted with the finest watermelons and zesty limes, this cider is perfect for sipping on hot summer days. With a light, fruity finish, it's the ideal choice for those seeking a unique, flavoursome drink.

Old Mout logo - a vibrant, colourful image with the brand name and a watermelon & lime illustration. A refreshing and playful design representing the fruity flavours.
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