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Savour the Best of British Pub Food at The Anchor

Weekday Menu

Introduction to Our Delectable Food Offerings

A Celebration of Traditional Pub Fare

In the heart of Stanwell Moor Village, The Anchor stands as a culinary beacon for those searching "pub food near me". Our menu is a testament to the simplicity and heartiness of traditional British pub cuisine. From light bites to hearty mains, each dish is prepared with care and served with a side of warmth and hospitality, making us a favourite among "pubs nearby".

Light Bites and Snack Pots for Every Appetite

Quick, Tasty, and Satisfying

Whether you're in need of a quick lunch or a snack to accompany your pint, our selection of light bites and snack pots has got you covered. Relish our chicken goujon wrap or fish finger wrap, both accompanied by chips, for a meal that's both fulfilling and convenient. For those looking for a shareable treat, our snack pots – available in chicken goujons, salt & chilli squid, and fish fingers – are perfect for a casual get-together. It's this blend of taste and ease that places us at the top of the list for "pubs nearby".

Hearty Mains and International Flavours

Indulge in Our Comforting Classics and Global Dishes

For those seeking more substantial fare, our menu boasts a variety of mains that cater to every taste. Our traditional Beef & Ale Pie and creamy Mac 'n Cheese are quintessential pub favourites, perfect for those chilly evenings. Adding a touch of international flair, our Thai Green Chicken Curry and Chicken Tikka Masala offer a delightful twist, satisfying those craving something a bit different. It's this combination of traditional and global that makes us a standout for "pub food near me".

Burgers and Pizzas: A Feast for the Senses

From Classic to Contemporary, There's Something for Everyone

Burger enthusiasts will find themselves spoilt for choice with our special B, C, and V stack burgers, alongside the classic beef, chicken, and vegetable options. Pizza lovers are not left behind, with a range that spans from the traditional Rustic to the fiery Calabrian Nduja sausage pizza. Our burgers and pizzas are a testament to our commitment to variety, ensuring we're a top choice for those searching for "pubs nearby" with diverse menus.

Weekday and Sunday Menu Overview

Catering to Your Every Need, Any Day of the Week

At The Anchor, we understand that good food is a key part of your day, whether it's a weekday dinner or a leisurely Sunday lunch. Our kitchen serves up delights from 6pm to 9pm Tuesday to Friday, and 1pm to 7pm on Saturday, with a special menu for our Sunday service from 12pm to 5pm. While we take every care in our kitchen, we advise our guests with allergies to consult with our staff as we cannot guarantee allergen cross-contamination.

Conclusion and Warm Invitation

Join Us for a Meal to Remember

Every meal at The Anchor is an opportunity for joy and satisfaction. We invite you to visit us and experience the best of British pub cuisine, nestled in the beautiful setting of Stanwell Moor Village. Whether it's a quick bite or a leisurely meal, we're here to make your visit memorable. For "pub food near me" or a welcoming spot among "pubs nearby", The Anchor is your perfect destination.

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