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Image of Fosters logo, a blue and gold stylized F on a white background. For wine, a bottle with Fosters label and Australian flag.



On Draught

Tasting Notes

Crisp, refreshing, light, slightly sweet, hints of fruit and malt.

Food Pairing

Burgers, barbecue ribs, grilled steak, spicy chicken wings, salty chips

Fosters, a well-known lager brand, has a rich and interesting history that dates back to the 19th century. Originally founded in 1888 by two Australian brothers, William and Ralph Foster, the brand has grown to become one of the most popular and widely recognized beers in the world. The history of Fosters is deeply intertwined with the history of beer itself, as well as the cultural and social changes that have shaped the beer industry over the years.

The history of Fosters begins in Melbourne, Australia, where the Foster brothers first set up their brewery. They quickly gained a reputation for brewing high-quality lagers, and the brand began to gain popularity both locally and internationally. Fosters was not only well-received in Australia but also in the United Kingdom, where it became a staple of many pubs and bars.

The success of Fosters can be attributed to a number of factors, including the quality of the beer itself, as well as the innovative marketing strategies employed by the Foster brothers. They were among the first to use refrigerated transport to ensure that their beer reached customers in the best possible condition. They also invested heavily in advertising, and the iconic Fosters cans and bottles became a familiar sight in bars and shops around the world.

The production process for Fosters is a closely guarded secret, but it is known that the beer is brewed using only the finest ingredients. The brewery has a long tradition of using locally sourced hops and barley, which gives Fosters its distinctive crisp and refreshing taste. The beer is also carefully fermented and conditioned to ensure that it reaches its full potential before being bottled or canned.

Fosters is also known for its distinctive packaging, which has remained largely unchanged since the early days of the brand. The familiar green and gold colours of the Fosters cans and bottles are instantly recognizable, and have become synonymous with the brand itself. The packaging also features the famous Fosters logo, which depicts a kangaroo and an emu, two iconic Australian animals.

In recent years, Fosters has faced increasing competition from other beer brands, as well as from the rise of craft beers and microbreweries. Despite this, the brand continues to be popular with consumers around the world, and is a common sight in pubs, bars, and supermarkets. The enduring popularity of Fosters can be attributed to its consistent quality, as well as to the brand's strong association with Australian culture and heritage.

Fosters has also been the subject of much debate and controversy over the years, particularly in relation to its production and marketing practices. There have been accusations that the beer is not as authentically Australian as it claims to be, and that the brand has been guilty of cultural appropriation. However, these issues have not dented the popularity of Fosters, and it continues to be enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.

The success of Fosters can also be attributed to its ability to adapt to changing consumer tastes and preferences. In recent years, the brand has introduced a number of new products, including low-alcohol and alcohol-free versions of its lager. This has allowed Fosters to appeal to a wider audience, including those who are looking for a healthier and more responsible drinking option.

In conclusion, Fosters is a lager brand with a long and fascinating history. From its humble beginnings in Melbourne, Australia, to its current status as a global beer giant, the brand has come a long way. The enduring popularity of Fosters can be attributed to its consistent quality, as well as to the brand's strong association with Australian culture and heritage. Whether enjoyed in a pub, bar, or at home, Fosters continues to be a favourite among beer drinkers worldwide.

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