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British Pie Week: A Culinary Celebration at The Anchor

Updated: Feb 20

5th to 9th March 2024

Indulge in Time-Honoured Flavours: Pies at 50% off!

As March begins, The Anchor cordially invites you to partake in a quintessentially British occasion - British Pie Week. From the 5th to the 9th of March, we're honouring this culinary heritage with an exceptional offer: a staggering 50% off our range of sumptuous pies. It's the perfect opportunity to savour some of the finest tastes British cuisine has to offer, right here at your favourite local pub near Heathrow.

The Anchor's Pie Selection for British Pie Week

A Selection That Speaks for Itself

Here at The Anchor, we take pride in perfecting the classics. Our British Pie Week menu is a testament to our dedication to quality and tradition. Our selection features:

  • Beef & Ale Pie: A robust blend of tender beef and rich ale, encased in a flaky pastry.

  • Chicken & Wild Mushroom Pie: A savoury combination of succulent chicken and earthy wild mushrooms, enveloped in golden pastry.

  • Steak and Devon Blue Cheese Pie: A luxurious meld of robust steak and creamy Devon blue cheese.

  • Beetroot & Butternut Squash Wellington: A vegetarian treat, marrying the earthiness of beetroot with the sweetness of butternut squash.

Our pies are more than a mere dish; they embody the celebration of British culinary artistry, served with creamy mash, seasonal vegetables, and our delectable, homemade gravy.

Serving Times During the Week

We welcome you to this pie fest from 6 pm to 9 pm on weekdays, and a special extended time of 1 pm to 7 pm on Saturday. Please note, this special offer is not available on Sunday, so do pop in during the week to relish these delightful pies!

The History and Significance of Pies in British Culture

A Journey Through British Culinary History

The humble pie, an essential part of British cuisine, boasts a rich history stretching back centuries. Originating in ancient times, pies have evolved from simple meat and vegetable fillings in doughy crusts to an array of sweet and savoury varieties that epitomise British food culture. Pies were not merely for sustenance but also symbols of celebration and festivity, often relished during significant events and gatherings.

A Celebration of Flavour and Tradition

At The Anchor, British Pie Week is far more than a mere promotional event; it's a celebration of a storied culinary legacy. This week, we're inviting you to step into our cosy and welcoming pub, where every guest is treated like part of the family, and every dish is prepared with the utmost care. Our pies aren't just meals; they are stories of tradition, each with a unique twist that showcases our passion for flavour and quality.

As you relish each bite, surrounded by the warm and friendly atmosphere of The Anchor, you're not just enjoying a meal; you're part of a tradition that has been beloved for generations. It’s an experience that extends beyond mere taste – it's about community, comfort, and the simple joy of sharing good food with good company.

Your Invitation to a Pie-tastic Celebration!

As British Pie Week approaches, we're extending a heartfelt invitation to you. Come and join us at The Anchor for a week filled with delightful pies, laughter, and lasting memories. Whether you’re a local, a traveller just passing through near Heathrow, or a family in search of a pleasant dining experience, we have something special for everyone.

Don't miss this chance to partake in a slice of Britain's rich culinary heritage. Gather your mates, bring your family, and even your furry friends – The Anchor is all set to make your British Pie Week truly remarkable!



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