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Charity Walk for Holly: A Father's Love Inspires Community Support

In a heart-warming display of a father's love and community spirit, we invite you to join Jason West in the Charity Walk for Holly, supporting Momentum Children's Charity.

Holly’s Courageous Fight Against Cancer

At the tender age of 12, Holly, a beloved member of our community, was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare and aggressive childhood cancer. Her journey, which began with a lengthy hospital stay and continued through intense treatments, has been marked by extraordinary bravery. Now 13, Holly continues to battle with the loving support of her family and friends. To help Holly in her fight, please consider donating.

Momentum Children’s Charity: A Beacon of Support for Holly

Throughout Holly's treatment, Momentum Children’s Charity has been instrumental in providing respite and joy. The charity arranged short breaks and outings for Holly, giving her moments of normality and happiness amid her challenging routine of hospital appointments and therapies. Support this incredible work by donating here.

A Father's Love: Jason West's 65-Mile Walk for Gratitude

Jason West, Holly's devoted father, is embarking on a 65-mile walk from The Anchor Pub in Stanwell Moor to Brighton Pier as a gesture of gratitude to those who've supported his daughter. His journey, starting on 21st March, is a powerful symbol of a parent's love and determination. Join us in supporting Jason by donating to his cause.

The Route: A Community Comes Together

Jason’s route will pass through Ashford, Sunbury, Walton, and other towns, reflecting our community's strength and unity. You're welcome to join the walk at any point, showing solidarity for Holly and her family. Whether you walk with us or support from afar, your contribution matters. Donate now to make a difference.

Standing Together for Holly

As Jason walks these miles, each step is not just his own, but ours as a community. We stand together to support Holly and her family, reaffirming our village's spirit of unity and care. Holly’s journey is a poignant reminder of the challenges many face, and your support can bring hope and relief.

This is more than just a walk; it's a community's heart in action. Please visit Holly's JustGiving page and make a donation today. Your support can make a world of difference in the lives of children like Holly, fighting against childhood cancer.



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