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Celebrating International Day of Peace in the Heart of Our Village

International Day of Peace - A photo of sheet sitting under a tree with a blue sky background

Stanwell Moor Village: A Year-Round Celebration of International Day of Peace

In Stanwell Moor Village, the significance of the International Day of Peace on 21st September isn't confined to just that day; it's a year-round ethos. When people amble around the park, it's a usual sight to see neighbours walking their dogs and exchanging friendly waves or stopping for a quick natter. Saying hello isn't merely courteous; it's an integral part of our peaceful community. It's more than just neighbourly love; it's a collective commitment to fostering an atmosphere of peace and goodwill every single day.

Small Gestures, Big Impact: Everyday Acts of Peace

In our village, every individual plays their part in making the community a better place. Among them, Claire, Diane, Cindy, Louise, Denise, and Moureen regularly set out with carrier bags and grabbers to clear any litter. Their tireless efforts not only keep our public spaces tidy but also contribute to a sense of unity and peace we all hold dear.

Community Celebrations: From Easter to Christmas

When it comes to celebrations, Stanwell Moor Village excels at bringing everyone together. The Village Hall Committee, comprising Emma, Clare, Moureen, and Michelle, plays a significant role in organising events. They're behind the children's Easter egg hunts and the annual Christmas party for the kids. Similarly, The Anchor offers a hub for communal gatherings, hosting parties for Halloween and Christmas. Between the Village Hall and The Anchor, we make sure there's a day-long festivity for everyone in the community.

Harmony Beyond Humans: Caring for Nature and Peace

We're also committed to extending our ethos of community and peace to the natural world. Our 'Honey Bee Mine' campaign is all about giving back to nature. Free pollinator-friendly seeds are distributed throughout the community, and we've even got a series of blog posts sharing tips on bee-friendly gardening. This initiative adds another dimension to our commitment to peace.

A Village that Embodies Peace

Stanwell Moor Village is more than its human inhabitants; it's a naturally beautiful space too. From the local fishing lake—a dog-walking favourite—to the idyllic Moors perfect for a Sunday picnic, there's beauty at every turn. The Stanwell Moor Residents Association often organises community clean-ups. Most recently, we all pitched in for a 'big clean-up' to celebrate the coronation of the King and Queen. Participants were afterwards treated to a well-deserved meal at The Anchor, making it a community event through and through.

In a nutshell, Stanwell Moor Village serves as a beacon of peace, not just on the International Day of Peace but every day. Whether you're passing through on your way to Heathrow or fortunate enough to call this village home, you're always welcome to join us in this ongoing celebration of peace, unity, and community.



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