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The Anchor Celebrates Another 5 Star Rating in Food Hygiene for 2023

5-star food hygiene rating sticker proudly displayed in The Anchor's window.

We're elated to share the news! Once again, The Anchor shines bright with a coveted 5-star rating in food hygiene. This accolade marks our unwavering dedication over 4 and a half years, consistently showcasing top-notch standards in food safety and cleanliness. This achievement is not just a badge but a reflection of our profound commitment to our patrons.

Why is a 5-Star Rating in Food Hygiene Essential to The Anchor?

For us at The Anchor, food is more than just about tantalising the taste buds; it's about cultivating trust. Ensuring exemplary food hygiene has always been a cornerstone of our philosophy. Every time our patrons choose to dine with us, they not only anticipate delicious dishes but also the assurance of quality and safety. This trust inspires us to ensure that every culinary experience at The Anchor is memorable and flawless.

Our steadfast partnership with Spelthorne council's Food Hygiene team has been the bedrock in our pursuit of this gold standard. Their rigorous criteria, paired with their continuous support and mentorship, have ensured we stay at the forefront of food safety.

Our 5-Star Journey in Food Hygiene

  1. Our Motivation: The tenet of food hygiene is non-negotiable at The Anchor. We believe it's the foundation that enables our customers to rely on us for unparalleled culinary experiences.

  2. Sustaining Excellence: Our journey's smoothness stems from our commitment to upholding unmatched cleanliness and hygiene, ensuring every dish is both delightful and safe.

  3. Team's Credentials: Everyone at The Anchor, from bar staff to the kitchen brigade, is armed with a Level 2 food hygiene qualification. Their expertise underlines our commitment to impeccable food experiences.

  4. Pride of our Kitchen Maestros: Our kitchen team radiates pride and joy. This rating is a testament to the collective diligence, enthusiasm, and dedication of every individual.

  5. Alliance with Spelthorne: Their unwavering commitment to community welfare is commendable. Though their standards are exacting, their guidance has been invaluable, helping us navigate and adapt to evolving norms.

  6. A Message for Peer Establishments: Upholding such high standards is no small feat. We cheer on other establishments, urging them to persist in their commendable endeavours for community well-being.

  7. Gratitude Galore: A mammoth thank you to Spelthorne for their ceaseless support over the past 4.5 years. Their partnership has been both enlightening and enriching.

Join us in celebrating another year of trust, unmatched standards, and delightful dining experiences at The Anchor!



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