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Shaping The Anchor's Future with Community Feedback

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The Anchor's Journey: Crafting a Community Hub with Your Feedback

For nearly three centuries, The Anchor has stood as a testament to the rich heritage and vibrant community spirit of Stanwell Moor Village. As we look to the future, we're reaching out to you, our cherished community, to help shape the next chapter of our story.

The Anchor's Role in the Community:

From its inception in 1730, The Anchor has been more than just a pub. It's been the heart and soul of Stanwell Moor, a place where memories are made, and stories are shared. Over the past 4 years, we've embarked on a journey of transformation, introducing revamped food offerings, hosting memorable events, and giving our garden a fresh, inviting look.

As we envision the next five years, we see The Anchor as the go-to place for weeknight meals, a cosy haven for Sunday lunches, and a hub for small businesses and home workers to connect, meet, and innovate. But to ensure our vision aligns with your desires, we need your feedback.

Our Recent Endeavours:

Our commitment to excellence has driven us to elevate our offerings. We've breathed new life into pub classics, ensuring each dish is a delightful fusion of tradition and quality. Events like our annual Halloween and Christmas jumper parties have added a dash of festivity, while our rejuvenated garden offers a serene escape.

The Power of Community Feedback:

Your voice has always been our guiding star. From connecting us with event partners to helping us find our wonderful team, your insights have been invaluable. As we stand at the crossroads of tradition and innovation, your feedback will be the compass that directs our path.

Dive into Our Community Engagement Survey:

We've crafted a survey to delve deep into your thoughts. Whether it's a dish you'd love to see on our menu, an event you're eager to attend, or any other suggestion, we're all ears. And for those keen to discuss their feedback in person, we're hosting a focus group discussion, complete with a delicious stone-baked pizza dinner on us! Participate in our survey here.

How You Can Get Involved:

Your feedback is the key to ensuring The Anchor remains a cherished spot for everyone in Stanwell Moor Village. Dive into our Community Engagement Survey and share your insights. If you're keen to delve deeper, join us for our focus group discussion. And if you have more to share, drop us an email at

The Anchor is more than just a pub; it's a legacy, a tradition, and a community hub. With your feedback, we aim to strengthen our bond with the community and ensure that The Anchor continues to be the heart of Stanwell Moor Village for centuries to come. Dive in, share, and let's craft the perfect pub experience together.

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