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Welcome to Halloween 2021!

We're welcoming back our annual fancy dress Halloween party to The Anchor with a KILLER theme!

The FREAK SHOW will bring out the eerie, Victorian style of carnival to life in the Moor. With everyone invited to come as a character inspired by the undead circus.

I want to come, but what should I go as?

The toughest part of having a night this fun is trying to figure out what to wear. We've been looking through some great ideas from Amazon, click here for details:

What is the plan?

It's a fancy dress party, with a 'Freak Show', dead circus theme. Guests are invited to come as characters like 'The Two Faced Lady', 'The Strong Man', 'The Fortune Teller'.

When is it?

The party will be starting from 8pm on Saturday, October 20th, 2021. Click here for directions:

Where is it?

The Anchor, Stanwell Moor Village, Surrey. TW19 6AQ.

Do I have to wear fancy dress?

No, of course not. We know that some people would rather not get dressed up. Everyone's still welcome to join in the fun on the night though.

What entertainment will there be?

We'll have a DJ playing a mix of disco/80's right up to modern house classics.

Do I need to buy tickets?

No, the event is free for all of our guests. We recommend that you arrive early though because we will have to stop admitting guests once we reach capacity.

Are children welcome to the party?

Of course. We're a family pub at heart so we want to make sure everyone is invited and feels welcome. We do remind parents though that children must be supervised at all times.



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