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Stay Updated with The Anchor Pub's Latest News and Events

Welcome to Our Blog – Your Source for All Things Anchor

Inside Scoop on Pub Life and Happenings

Curious about the latest happenings at your favourite local pub? Our blog is the place to be! Here, you'll find an array of posts covering everything from menu updates and special events to community news and behind-the-scenes looks at pub life. Whether you're a regular or planning your first visit, our blog is your one-stop destination for the latest news and insights about The Anchor.

Engaging Posts to Keep You Informed and Entertained

Events, Specials, and Community Initiatives

As a hub of Stanwell Moor village, we're always buzzing with activities and initiatives. Our blog posts include announcements about upcoming events like Monthly Music Bingo Nights, special celebrations, and community projects such as our Honey Bee Mine seed campaign. It's our way of keeping you connected with the vibrant life at The Anchor, one of the most welcoming "pubs nearby".

Your Feedback and Stories


Our blog isn't just a one-way street; it's a platform for interaction and community building. We love sharing stories and experiences from our patrons, be it a memorable visit or feedback on our offerings. Stay tuned for feature posts that bring the voices of our beloved customers to the forefront, making our blog a lively space for engagement and shared experiences.

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