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Introducing Inches Apple Cider: A Refreshing New Addition to Our Menu

Inches cider photo with quote "apple bobbing never felt so grown up"

Hello there! We at The Anchor Pub are excited to introduce a refreshing new addition to our menu: Inches Apple Cider. Brewed in the heart of the UK, this crisp and zesty beverage is set to bring a wave of delightful freshness to our cosy village pub.

What is Inches Apple Cider?

If you're not already familiar with Inches Apple Cider, allow us to give you a brief introduction. This refreshing cider is created from 100% British apples, harnessing the very essence of our glorious orchards. Its history is rooted in traditional cider-making methods, resulting in a distinctive drink that marries authenticity with unrivalled quality. This makes it more than just a special drink; it's a testament to the cider-making tradition itself.

The Perfect Refreshment for Any Occasion

Whether you're here for a comforting meal, a quick bite, or just fancy a drink in our beautiful garden, Inches Apple Cider is the perfect companion. This cider is incredibly versatile, making it the ideal choice whether you're raising a glass to celebrate a special occasion, winding down after a long day, or savouring the sunshine in our garden. Every sip is an adventure that we invite you to embark on.

Top down photo of the bubbles on top of a pint of Inches apple cider

Tasting Notes of Inches Apple Cider

Inches Apple Cider carries distinctive tasting notes that make it a delight to savour. On the nose, it offers the tantalising aroma of crisp, ripe apples, hinting at the flavourful journey to come. Upon tasting, you'll be greeted with the delicious blend of sweet and tart apple flavours, expertly balanced to bring out the best of British apples. It finishes with a refreshing crispness that lingers, leaving you with the unmistakable desire for another sip.

Pairing Inches Apple Cider with Our Traditional Pub Food

Inches Apple Cider pairs splendidly with a range of dishes on our menu. Its zesty apple notes cut through the richness of our B Stack Burger, providing a delightful contrast. Alternatively, it complements the savoury flavours of our traditional lasagne, creating a harmonious blend of tastes. For light bite lovers, it's a dream when enjoyed alongside our salt & chilli squid snack pot.

Celebrate the Arrival of Inches Apple Cider at The Anchor Pub

To celebrate the arrival of Inches Apple Cider, we invite you to join us at The Anchor Pub. Come taste this remarkable cider for yourself and explore the fantastic pairings it offers with our traditional pub food. We promise you a cosy, friendly atmosphere, delicious food, and now, a glass of refreshing Inches Apple Cider. We can't wait to welcome you!



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